Gourmet Getaway - Les sources de caudalie
  • Gourmet Getaway - Les sources de caudalie
  • Gourmet Getaway - Les sources de caudalie

Gourmet Getaway - Les sources de caudalie

€2,600.00 up to 5 people

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Gourmet Getaway - Les Sources de Caudalie

Welcome to this friendly and lively place that plunges you right into the atmosphere of a country inn as we like it.

Awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide, the restaurant welcomes you for an immersion in the Graves vineyard, in the universe of chef Nicolas Masse.

Through a precise cuisine focused on the product, take the time to enter a parenthesis, that of a simple, authentic, peaceful life between Earth and Art of Vines.

In the plate, tasty and greedy dishes, seasonal products, vegetables of yesteryear that the chef Pierre Frindel likes to cook. Great classics of family cooking with a twist of discovery.

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Flight departing from:
Aéroport de Biarritz Parme


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