Sightseeing Flights Circuit Bonifacio - Corse
  • Sightseeing Flights Circuit Bonifacio - Corse
  • Sightseeing Flights Circuit Bonifacio - Corse

Sightseeing Flights Circuit Bonifacio - Corse


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The "Zen +" option allows you to reimburse your E-ticket if it is not used during its validity.
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Treat yourself to an unforgettable panoramic flight in the air, in Corse!

Course of your panoramic helicopter flight

On your arrival, you will be welcomed by our team at the helipad in Porto-Vecchio.

After presentation of your E-ticket and identity card, a safety briefing will be given before take-off.

Bonifacio Sea tour (about 30 minutes flight)

You will discover the town of Bonifacio, its white and luminous limestone cliffs with contours eroded by the winds, then the Gulf of Spérone, the Piantarella ford through the Lavezzi and Cavallo islands and, going up the wild coast, the bays of Rondinara, Sta Giulia, Palombaggia.

Before entering the Gulf of Porto Vecchio via the Chiappa to discover, nestled on its north-western flank, the "Cita di sale" and its salt marshes which gave it its name.


Data sheet

Flight departing from:
Helistation of Porto-Vecchio
Age :
à partir de 2 ans
Flight time :
30 minutes


  • Quelle est la différence entre un hélicoptère à turbine ou à piston ?

    Un hélicoptère à turbine garantie une sécurité maximale.