Initiation to Flying  - Valence - 15 min
  • Initiation to Flying  - Valence - 15 min
  • Initiation to Flying  - Valence - 15 min

Initiation to Flying - Valence - 15 min

€380.00 per person

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This option extends the validity of your E-Ticket by 6 months. Customers can also change the name of the beneficiary or receive a copy of an E-Ticket in case of loss.
The "Zen +" option allows you to reimburse your E-ticket if it is not used during its validity.
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15 minutes pre-flight briefing

You are welcomed by an instructor. He explains how a helicopter flies (three axes of movement), the engine (turbine) and the cockpit (controls and instrumentation).

 The vocabulary used is simple and the instructor goes at your pace.

15 or 30 minutes of helicopter piloting in dual control

You are on board the helicopter with the instructor at your side. You put into practice what you have learned during the pre-flight briefing.

That's it: you are flying! You live an unforgettable moment!

You finish your training with a hover flight a few meters above the ground.

15 minutes of post-flight debriefing

Back on the ground after this magical moment, the instructor suggests you exchange your impressions with him. What you liked, your strong points and points to improve. The instructor will also dedicate a certificate to you.


Data sheet

Flight departing from:
Aéroport de Valence Chabeuil
Age :
à partir de 18 ans
Flight time :
15 minutes


  • Quelle est la différence entre un hélicoptère à turbine ou à piston ?

    Un hélicoptère à turbine garantie une sécurité maximale.