Gourmet Getaway - Michel Bras
  • Gourmet Getaway - Michel Bras
  • Gourmet Getaway - Michel Bras
  • Gourmet Getaway - Michel Bras

Gourmet Getaway - Michel Bras

€3,100.00 up to 5 people

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Gourmet Getaway - Michel Bras Laguiole

Access to the best restaurants in the Rhône Alpes region.

Jet Systems allows you to reach an isolated restaurant difficult to access in a few minutes from the airport of Valence Chabeuil.  

Bras is a family on the Aubrac plateau, a suspended place where sky and earth dialogue tirelessly. Sébastien Bras reinvents his cuisine every day.

A cuisine of the moment, the fruit of a permanent ebullition as much as of adjacent creative reflections, which is nourished by an image, a memory of a trip, a stroll in the garden of Lagardelle, a meeting with a passionate person, or quite simply a landscape of Aubrac.


Data sheet

Flight departing from:
Airport Valence-Chabeuil
Flight time :
60 minutes


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